5th Grade


We would like to welcome all of you to our grade level web page. We are having an exciting year!  Communication between home and school is vital to the success of the education of your child. We hope to see you during the many events throughout the school year. In addition to attending events, we want to encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you might have. We look forward to working with you and your child.

What we are learning the week of October 16 - 20, 2017:
* Please remember that we encourage you to contact us throughout the year if 
   your child has any issues or questions.  We will create a plan to help ensure that
   your child has a positive and successful school year!

We will be writing in our journal on Monday on the topic of our choice and share it.  We will write a thank you letter to the 4H Science Camp staff on Tuesday.  Students will continue learning about with words with Latin roots and their meanings.  This week the root we are studying is AQUA.  We will begin our DEUILI (warm-up) activity this week, where we practice language mechanics skills.  Students are differentiated and are in groups based on MAP and classroom performance.  Typically, the spelling group matches the DEUILI group.  We will review parts of speech and retake our quiz on nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives.  

Spelling pretest is Monday, practice work is due Wednesday, and test is Friday.
Everybody words: brought, build, built, bury, busy
A words: fine, fish, five, flag, fly
B words:  barn, bath, because, been, before
C words:  asleep, avoid, awake, away, bag
D words: among, argue, army, arrow, attic
E words: artificial, assignment, astronaut, assistance, atmosphere
F words:  annual, answer, anybody, approve
G words:  adolescent, adore, adult, advance, advantage

*If students want to redo or retake ANY assignment, they may do so for
  homework or during Bearcat Special time.  They need to let me know 
  if they plan to do this.  I always encourage students to "redo" assignments, as
  the ultimate goal is learning the material!  :)  If students want retakes to reflect
  in the first quarter grade, work needs to be completed by Wednesday


I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break! This week in reading we will continue to work on figurative language. On Thursday, Mrs. Clancy will be coming in to do a breakout activity with all the classes. Students will have a figurative language quiz on Friday the 20th, and will be given a study guide on Monday. The next vocabulary quiz will be on Friday, October 27th.  See the vocabulary words for each class below.

1st and 3rd Periods: ambush, calculate, contribute, dread, employ, extend, frantic, initial, routine, stun, sturdy, yield

                Quizlet Link: https://quizlet.com/_3n89kz


2nd Period: ambush, calculate, contribute, dread, employ, extend

                Quizlet Link: https://quizlet.com/_3ue73z


5th and 6th Periods: aggressive, associate, deceive, emigrate, flexible, glamour, hazy, linger, luxurious, mishap, overwhelm, span

                Quizlet Link: https://quizlet.com/_3ue7zc


As a reminder, students may redo any content knowledge assignment during bearcat special!
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This week we will be multiplying multi-digit numbers.


In science, we are finishing up test corrections today (due tomorrow at the beginning of class) and will begin our next unit—SPACE! No quizzes this week. Here’s a link to the quizlet for the next quiz: https://quizlet.com/2043123/space-vocabulary-flash-cards/. The quiz is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday or Thursday.


Social Studies:

This week in social studies we will be diving into the Bill of Rights.  We will focus on several specific rights in the Bill of Rights and some later amendments that are also very important and relevant to our students.  We do not have a quiz date set for the Bill of Rights.  This Friday in class we will introduce our students the activity “Do I Have a Right?” from www.icivics.org 

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